Meine Traumwohnung -- Ist jemand in der Wohnung gestorben?
Meine Wohnung ist sehr groß. Ich habe zwölf Mitbewohnerinnen.
Meine zwölf Mitbewohnrinnen sind Alva Noto,  Bach, Doraemon, David Bowie, Elon Musk, Eistein, Fransic Bacon, Hito, Karen Horney, Micheal Jordan und Pina Bausch. Die Wohung hat 18 Zimmer. Sie hat ein professionell Kino mit Massagesessel, ein Labor mit Balkon, Computer und einen Großer Hadronenß Speicherring, ein Studio mit Herd, großen Spiegel, Kameras und Instrumentarium, ein Albellyimmer mit großaritigen   Schöpfungen und wichtigen Kunstwerken, ein yiemlich großes Wohnzimmer mit einem schönen Teppich, Piano, Lampen, HiFi, Plattenteller und Teslaskateboards, ein helles Esszimmer mit Küche und Bar, eine Geistesblitzone mit Bücherregal, gemütlich Kissen, Teppich, Fenster und Sessel und eine wunderschön Garten mit Schwimmbad. Die Wohnung hat zwölf Schlafzimmer. Alle Schlafyimmer haben einen Balkon, ein Bad und eine Toilette. 
Wir hatten einfach Glück. Die Wohnung ist ein Traum und nicht teuer.

While the modernist artist aspired to create monumental works and a unique style and the avant-garde movements wanted to revolutionize art and society, postmodernists were more ironic and playful, eschewing concepts like "genius," "creativity," and even "author." (Jameson, 1991)#we obsessed with computerization, how come we still miss the modernist? #experiencing the technology itself #Ever since we enter the internet era, our aesthetic perception have shifted to a new scene. #Roy Ascott's theory: from “representation” to “construction”; from “observered reality” to “constructed reality”. #If we look careful at most media art works today, no matter how dynamic they are, we can always see the mechanic language in them. #Authorship is no longer a differential element.#As long as they come out of computers, they just look so simular to each other. #not a pro/con situation, but a sign of how machines have interacted with human development.#I am embracing it.#I am struggling at the same time.#People get used to what is happening on the screen: frames within frames, random multiple windows, messy desktop, panorama landscape wallpaper, computer generated 3D objects with a black background... Beauty is not just painting on canvas, or sculpture that can be touched, it is now, most of the time, a JPGE file in our computer. Just like the futurism in the old time, only this time, we do not realize how much we are into machines now.#I love machine.#they are beautiful#how futurism #"Rendering the invisible: the problem of painting Deformation: neither transformation nor decomposition- The scream Bacon's love of life Enumeration of forces." (Deleuze 56)  $ Can life, can time, be rendered sensible, rendered visible? To render time visible, to render the force of time visible - Bacon seems to have done this twice. There is the force of changing time, through the allotropic variation of bodies, "down to the tenth of a second," which involves deformation; and then there is the force of eternal time...63 #"the eternity of time, through the uniting— separating that reigns in the triptychs, a pure light. To render time sensible in itself is a task common to the painter, the musician, and sometimes the writer. It is a task beyond all measure or cadence." 64 #Body without organs, emphasizing that a non-center, non-institutionalized habits body, in other words, a body of instinct and desire, which is exactly the perspective of Bacon's aesthetic language. It is between phenomenology and psychoanalysis, between the rational and emotional, brilliant interpretation between Deconstruction and Construction. From the perspective of Deleuze , Bacon's art shows how art neutralized with philosophical depth, which together constitute a way of thinking and expression of cultural shift from modernism to prepostmodernism.#Safe screen and our inner conflicts#Thomas Hirschhorn, “Touching Reality” 2012#Karen Horey- Our Inner Conflicts #The Neurotic Personality of our Time # Our Inner Conflicts #"Often the only feelings experienced consciously and clearly are reactions of fear and anger to blows dealt to vulnerable spots. And even these may be repressed. Such authentic ideals as do exist are so pervaded by compulsive standards that they are deprived of their power to give direction. Under the sway of these compulsive tendencies the faculty to renounce is rendered impotent, and the capacity to assume responsibility for oneself all but lost."#intelligence #machine #adaptation#self-organization #Cybernetics# Emergence #God created man in his own image #human created machine in human's own image #when the machine tries to think/act like a human, it is like how man looking for his creator.#we are all designed this way #moore's law: computer will soon have the capacity to run simulations of multiple universes where the people in them believe in their own consciousness. #is there a chance that the reality we are experiencing now is a computer simulation?# more powerful simulations will be able to model on the scale of a molecule, then a cell and even a human being. But it will take many generations of growth in computing power to be able to simulate a large enough chunk of the universe to understand the constraints on physical processes that would indicate we are living in a computer model.#Plato #Eidos #copying, practicing, mirroring #evolution through simulations #machine is attempting to simulating the eidos of human being. # The merging consciousness and technology.#Harun Farocki - Parallel "the moment you reach the edge, you hit a transparent border. Even if you fall through past the limit, the lm loop starts again and you are urged to return." (e-flux) #Internet/networked# Roy Ascott: I see art as a system, in which the artist, artwork and viewer are intimately involved in experiential and semantic processes of interaction, constituting the aesthetic of distributed authorship... We are approaching global consciousness #the death of authorship #Roy Ascott‘s suggestion " Connected intelligence for the civil  society: the internet as a social limbic system: the brain is not an organ that produces consciousness, the one that perceives it just as the eye does not produce vision but perceives the visual object.(Derrick de Kerckhove) #“I’m painting this way is that I want to be a machine...” Andy Warhol 1963#Anthropos #anthropomorphism擬人化 #anthropocene#人類世 # OliveMorton Eating the Sun #Melancholia# 行動者網絡理論 actor network theory: 永遠不要在假設尺度上的差異已經存在, 而是始終探求這種尺度如何產生#relationist #Paul Edwards :A Vast Machine #Matt ridley #three studies for a crucifixion, 1962 #crucifixion, 1965 #second version of triptych 1944 #Three Studies for Figures at the Base of Crucifixion,1944 #self-defense mechanism#how the images on the screen slip into our nightmare.#memes in our sub-consciousness#in the expense of solitude/the capability of being isolated, we all connect to each other. #the inexplicable anxiety when we are off line#if there are failures and difficulties sneak up on us unawares, the perfect moment of introspection #but I reach my phone right next to the pillow at night. I search for answer and comfort, and always, some results will help get through the hardship. just dive into the data stream#no more loneliness, no the solitude. #no more Henry David Thoreau:Walden#new land, and all will heal#before the plane take off, we are demand to turn off our phone(s).#for that several off-line hours, I staring at the cloud, imagine myself being an astronaut(or Superman)...#the closest moment I experienced my own Walden. #we are safe, crucifixion is polished by memes and Youtube videos #all knowledge shared #from tree model to networked model #Chinese exam system #the conflicts between tree and networked pattern on the internet generation #thinking pattern #paradoxical choices #how parents considered internet as distraction or indulgence in the past #how we all have our online life today # Social media makes the shift from representation to participation very clear: people participate in the launch and lifespan of images, and indeed their lifespan, spread and potential is defined by participation. Think of the image not as surface but as all the tiny light impulses running through fiber at any one point in time. Some images will look like deep sea swarms, some like cities from space, some are utter darkness.(Hito) #The relation between internet culture and Francis Bacon’s works. #are they separated? #Phenomenon vs subconsciousness.#“Floating disintegration into dreams” and memes and low tech glitch? Now that we spend most of our time looking at screens, is it possible that what is happening in the virtual world already become part of our consciousness, or perhaps it is the biggest part there. We took a glimpse at the Memes and glitch, and they became the inexplicable elements in our nightmare. #a way out of the dilemma. #DeepDream #convolutional neural network #Resembled Bacon’s paintings #internet/pop images + Bacon style painting + imitation/mirror #Metaphor:Machine imitates not only the human behavior but also the mind setting of human. #Ambitious machine. What is reality? What virtual reality? #second life #is on-line us the real us? #or we are just preparing for the “global consciousness”# Norman O Brown Love's Body: "but not the separate body of the individual, but the body of mankind as one  body. The fall of man is the fall into division of the human race... #Our representative keeps us hypnotized:"The command to sleep in hypnosis means nothing more nor less than an order to withdraw all interest from the world an to concentrate it upon the person of yhe hypnotist." #The boundary line between self and external world bears no relation to reality; the distinction between ego and world is made by spitting out part of the inside and swallowing in part of the outside. (Brown 122) #mechanisms of introjection and projection (Brown 143)#Machine is attempting to simulating the Eido of human(at least it is programmed to do so),     however, the simulation will only be infinitely close to our reality. Just like no matter how hard we try to find out the true image of our creator(s), we never dare to image the day that we become the ONE.#anthropomorphism#Two things exist in different dimensions.#Imaginng when consciousness fuse with a machine, they are capable of self-development and self-reproduction, just like the moment when the earliest life appears on the earth, young, delicate and may be extremely simple in a new land, but definitely will fight their way to evolution. #they are programmed to do so. #can we still claim that they are human? are they us? #what would it be? #is it clean and neat as one? or exist as individual but at the same time share data as one?  What would be the unknown at that circumstance? #evolve into a new direction that can start a higher level communication with extra-dimensional creature/existence?#escape time and space to reach something that would never be done as fresh blood human being? #or, become nothing new but some energy floating in the universal emptiness.
   #the wind friend, to respond to the abandoned objects from the auction list#our inner conflicts #unserviceable #laser printer(brand:NEC, Model 105se) Printer,Dot Martix brand:epson modelLQ-670#video cassette recorder brand:tascam,112MKII
Thomas Hirschhorn, “Touching Reality” 2012
Harun Farocki - Parallel
Hito Steyerl, How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File, 2013.
 Jon-Rafman, MainSqueeze, 2014.
Francis Bacon-crucifixion, 1965
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